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Common questions and answers.


1.) How long does the color stay?

- The usual 5-7 days depending on your skin type and if you follow our recomondations on how to take care of your sprayed tan afterwards, with for example moisturizing lotion 1-2 times / day.

2.) Can you sunbathe as usual afterwards, abroad / in the solarium?

- Yes you can. We have UV protection 5 in some of our fluids, but do not forget your regular sunprotector if you are to stay in the sun late.

3.) How do we know which color to choose?

- You decide together with your spraytanartist when you arrive. She will look at your skin type and ask some questions to you together to be able to come up with the right shade for youre needs and skinntype. So if you are new to us, you can choose which one you want and then change at location.

4.) Is it possible to remove my make-up at yours?

- Yes, ino problem. But make sure that you are with us 10 minutes before your treatment so that you are completely finished when it's your turn. (Not possible to shower at ours before)

5.) What to wear during spray tan?

- Most of our customers choose to be treated in their panties / underwear. What ends up on clothes, goes away in the first wash.

6.) What to wear afterwards?

- After treatment we reomend you to wear dark, loose clothing. So not tight pants, vests etc. Then you risk that color can be rubbed off before it has been reacted completely with your pigments. Which can result in an uneven final results if you have bad luck.

7.) I want to spray myself before a wedding / important events but has never done it with you earlier. What should I consider?

- Then rec. we always first book a spray tanning few weeks before your event. Then we do a treatment as usual and then go home and know whether it was the right color shade, the day you thought the color was the prettiest, etc. In this way, it is then easier to know which of the shades of color we choose for the big day and how many days before your event, it is best to spraytan you.

8.) Can I take treatment even if pregnant?

- Yes, that's no problem. But if you feel the slightest doubt / worry, always talk to first talk to your midwife first.

9.) Can you spray yourself if you have wounds on your body?

- Not if it's open wounds! If there are less wounds that are almost healed, we want you to protect the area with patches or surgery scotch before starting your treatment.

10.) Can you spray yourself if you have eczema / psoriasis / allergies?

- We always advise you to take contact with any of our spraytan specialists in the clinic, so you will have to make an appointment when you come in and we'll spray a small test area. Then you go home and feel for a day to see how it feels, so you do not risk a reaction.

11.) Can you spray yourself if you have vitiligo?

- Yes, that's no problem.


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