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Lumiere Collagen Beauty Peptides

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Turn back time from the inside out.

Collagen peptides are loved for their power to support our body's natural functions, as well as giving our topical products a helping hand. Designed to nourish from the inside out, Lumiere Collagen Beauty Peptides packs in ingestible bioactive collagen peptides that are especially targeted at hair, nail and skin health. It’s your edible fountain of youth.

In as little as 30 days, Lumiere works from within to:

Drastically improve skin, hair and nail health
Fight the visible signs of ageing
Assist with gut health and energy levels
Assist with bone and joint health
Start your day right by infusing your morning smoothie or coffee with a scoop of collagen peptides. Totally flavourless and odourless, you won’t even know you’re ingesting it. Hot or cold, it fully dissolves in any temperature liquid while retaining its benefits.

Scientifically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, 100% natural, no fillers, unflavoured, ethically sourced, and ONE ingredient. It’s time to nourish your body and rock healthy, glowing, revitalised skin.

Assists with:

Visible signs of ageing
Damaged, weak and brittle nails
Lack of elasticity, firmness and tone
Dry coarse hair that lacks lustre
Cellulite and stretch marks
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How often

Once a day to glow the whole day

Nope, nothing

None at all

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