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Moroccan Tan

Spray Tan Solutions Your Clients Will Love by MoroccanTan
MoroccanTan has an extensive range of organic spray tan solutions, ensuring you’ll find the perfect formulation to suit every skin type. All formulas have been created to treat the skin with intense hydration and nourishing skin properties, keeping skin healthy and replenished to assist in achieving the perfect tan.

Solutions can be tailored to suit specific skin concerns at the time of application. For normal skin, all MoroccanTan professional solutions are suitable. For those that have mature, sensitive or dry skin, we recommend either the Exotic or Accelerated collection, while for oily skin types, our Original collection complements the skin best.

What’s So Special About Our Professional Spray Tan Supplies?

The way we have formulated our range of natural and organic spray tan solutions make it desirable from the point of view of your clients MoroccanTan products are made in Australia using a range of natural and organic sustainably sourced ingredients. All formulas are vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic. These are huge selling points for the conscious client who values high quality.

If you’re looking to offer a high-end professional spray tan, choosing a quality range of tanning solutions will underpin your businesses ethos and philosophy. Our highly sought after professional organic spray tan solution is the calibre of product that will do exactly that!

When you buy our spray tan solution wholesale, you will be supported with a extensive range of professional products designed to help you optimise marketing opportunities in your salon, such as spray tan samplers and other handy packs

Discover Our Range of Professional Organic Spray Tan Solution Products

The following spray tan solutions are available for purchase through our website:

The Originals
MoroccanGold 2-Hour 8% DHA 1 Litre
MoroccanOriginal 2-hour 10% DHA 1 Litre
MoroccanBronze 2-hour 12% DHA 1 Litre
MoroccanCoco 2-Hour 14% DHA 1 Litre
MoroccanOriginal Collection Sample Pack
MoroccanTan Best Of Summer Sample Pack
MoroccanTan Tanners Choice Sample Pack

The Exotics
MoroccanTan Exotic Collection Sample Pack
MoroccanNights 1-Hour 15% DHA 1 Litre
MoroccanDusk 2-Hour 11% DHA 1 Litre
MoroccanTan Best Of Summer Sample Pack
MoroccanTan Tanners Choice Sample Pack

MoroccanTan Accelerated 30-minute 16% DHA 1 Litre
MoroccanTan Tanners Choice Sample Pack

For a Winning Tan That Keeps Them Coming Back, Choose MoroccanTan

For a winning tan that keeps your clients coming back again and again, choose from our spray tan solutions available at MoroccanTan. We care about the success of your salon, which is why we have produced a range of marketing support products including spray-tan kits, product samplers and in-store displays. Everything in our range works together to ensure you get the most out of our products. View our range today by having a browse online. You can then easily check out to buy from our online shop!

Till Kassan
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